Thank you for visiting me!  I welcome the opportunity to write for you.  If you are trying to find a professional who is sensitive to your writing needs, who will listen carefully and long enough to really understand what you are trying to create, then I’m the writer for you.

I’ve been writing for people for many years.  I’ve written newsletters, bulletins, brochures, press releases, flyers, travel pieces, grants, lesson plans, curriculum, short stories, obituaries, family histories, research papers, blogs, direct mailing sales letters, academic papers, content for workshops and have ghostwritten for professionals.

I understand deadlines. Without meeting non-negotiable grant proposal deadlines, programs and all staff paid from those funds can be lost. I have written award winning grants with deadlines.  I always deliver on time.

I understand content.  I’ve spent hundreds of hours researching post graduate papers to get it “just right.”  I had to work hard to earn a 4.0 grade average for a M.Ed. from Northern Arizona University while also working full time.  I can ignore a sunny day and focus on delivering what will earn an “A” from you!

I understand relationships of trust.  I’ve written about sensitive issues inside government organizations.  I understand how to ask the questions that create a product you will appreciate, deliver it on time, and maneuver through the steps with tact and professionalism.

I currently live in the metro Phoenix, Arizona area.   I’ve traveled to Germany, Austria, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Canada, Chile, Brussels, Holland, England, Scotland and France.  I enjoy other cultures and highly appreciate the points of view gained from adventures in such wonderful countries.  Such rich experiences add much to a writer’s ability to understand “back story” and to draw from greatly expanded perspective.

Business has also taken me to over half of the states in my own country.  I’m deeply thankful to have hiked some of the Appalachian Trail in Kentucky, the Freedom Trail in Boston, the historical trails of Jonathan Edwards, Emily Dickenson, and Louisa May Alcott in Massachusetts, and Doc Holiday in Colorado.

I really, really enjoy crafting words to inform, enlighten, persuade, educate, train, encourage, teach, connect and delight people, and I’d like to solve your writing challenges.

Thanks again for stopping by!  Try me out – for projects large or small.  I will respond to any inquiries in a timely manner.

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